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To work in a play or childcare setting that is regulated by Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), you need to hold the appropriate qualifications for your job role.

Playwork qualifications are needed for anyone working with children of school age in a regulated after-school or open access setting. In some cases, you may need a playwork qualification as well as a childcare qualification:

  • Those who work with children and are not managers generally need to hold a level 2 qualification.
  • Those who work as managers generally need to hold a level 3 qualification.

Your role and the other qualifications you already have will have an impact on which qualifications are most suitable for you.

The Playwork Education and Training Council for Wales (PETC Wales) decides which qualifications are needed in which situation.


Playwork Qualifications Flowchart

We have developed a flowchart to help you decide which qualifications are best for you. This is based on the type of setting you work in and your job role.


List of Required Qualifications for work within the Playwork Sector in Wales

This list provides guidance on the required occupational qualifications for those working with children under the age of 12 in the playwork sector. This guidance is aimed at:

  • employers
  • practitioners
  • training providers
  • regulatory bodies.


Early years and childcare qualifications

The Social Care Wales qualification framework sets out the core qualification requirements for:

  • registered childminders
  • those working in full day care, sessional day care and creche facilities.

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