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The playwork sector covers many different professions, many of which could benefit from playwork qualifications or training. Whatever your interest in playwork, Play Wales can help you find the learning that’s right for you.

Playwork: Principles into Practice qualifications

About the Playwork: Principles into Practice qualifications

Playwork: Principles into Practice (P3) is a series of three qualifications, each progressively developing people’s playwork skills and knowledge.

These three qualifications have been designed to provide an effective route to qualify as a playworker. If you are an unqualified playworker when you begin, completing all three will qualify you to work as a senior playworker or playwork manager.

  1. Agored Cymru Level 2 Award in Playwork Practice (L2APP) – this course provides a broad introduction to playwork. It is the entry requirement for the P3 route and has to be completed successfully before progressing to the other qualifications in the series. As a standalone qualification, it is also suitable for those working in holiday playschemes. It includes information about the importance of play, inclusion, playwork theory and creating spaces for playing.
  2. Agored Cymru Level 2 Certificate Playwork: Principles into Practice – this course has been designed to meet the requirements of playworkers working face-to-face throughout the year in a range of settings. It includes information about reflective practice, safeguarding, working with others and practical playwork skills.
  3. Agored Cymru Level 3 Diploma Playwork: Principles into Practice – this course is the next step after the Level 2 Certificate and is aimed at playwork managers and supervisors. It includes information about community development, risk management, legislation and working with families.


Play Wales has worked closely with Agored Cymru, Addysg Oedolion Cymru | Adult Learning Wales and the playwork sector to develop these qualifications.


Other Agored Cymru playwork qualifications

In addition to the P3 progression route there are other playwork qualifications that are suitable for those who already have other qualifications in working with children, such as childcare or education. These other playwork qualifications also give a helpful introduction to play and playwork.

  • Agored Cymru Level 1 playwork – An introductory training course for those wanting to gain a better understanding of the importance of children’s play and how playworkers work with children. It does not qualify learners to work in a registered playwork setting.
  • Agored Cymru Level 3 Managing a Holiday Play Scheme Award (MAHPS) – This course is for anyone who already has another level 3 qualification in working with children. It has been developed mainly to help people working in holiday playschemes add playwork knowledge and skills to an existing level 3 qualification in working with children.
  • Agored Cymru Level 3 Award in Delivering Dynamic Playwork Training (ADDaPT) – This is a train the trainer course for playwork tutors. It is also the minimum qualification that Play Wales requires for tutors delivering the P3 progression route.


Qualifications required for working in a registered setting

If you work in a setting that is registered with Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), you will need to have the correct qualification.

Training and continuing professional development (CPD)

We encourage all those who work with children to continually improve their knowledge of children’s play. Our events and publications can help with this.

If you can’t find the training or professional development opportunity you are looking for, please get in touch with us. We can help point you towards suitable training. We can also develop training that delivers what you need.   


Endorsed Course

Let’s talk about play – a Play Wales endorsed training course

The Let’s talk about play course has been designed as an introduction to play and playwork. The course provides a comprehensive package of teaching and learning resources which are available for delivery by any tutor who has successfully completed the Level 3 Award in Delivering Dynamic Playwork Training (ADDaPT).

The course consists of three sessions:

  • Why play? focuses on developing an understanding of what play is and why it is important. This session is aimed at the play workforce – those in roles which might impact on the child’s right to play.
  • What is play and playwork? and Why playwork? introduce play and playing and develop an understanding of the role of playworkers. These sessions are aimed at volunteers, those new to the profession as an entry level course, or seasonal playworkers as a refresher.

If you have a group of learners and would like to find out about delivering a course in your local area, please contact us.



Playwork qualifications in Wales

This short guide is for playworkers, employers and managers. It gives an overview of the playwork qualifications available and explains the legal requirements for playworkers and managers in Wales.

Playwork qualifications expression of interest

If you are interested in completing any of our playwork qualifications, please complete the form below, providing as much detail as possible. You will then be contacted by one of our Qualifications Centres when there is a funded course taking place near you.

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To find out more about playwork qualifications and training please email us.

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