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Raising awareness of safeguarding children and young people




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Children in Wales



This half-day interactive training course is set specifically in the Welsh context. It will allow participants to consider the issues for their role and organisation.

Through taking part in a range of exercises, participants will gain an understanding of the key elements of working safely and responsibly with children and young people and learn how they can respond effectively where they have concerns.


  • to give an understanding of the legislation, guidance and policy that provide a framework for safeguarding children and young people in Wales
  • to gain a basic awareness of the roles and responsibilities of professionals working in child protection
  • to reflect on your own role in working safely within your organisation and with others
  • to learn about effective record keeping, information sharing and confidentiality
  • to understand the referral process where you have concerns about a child.


Who should attend?

This training course is aimed at Group A practitioners. Group A is defined by the National safeguarding training, learning and development standards as ‘all staff who join a public or voluntary sector organisation or agency in Wales. The training, learning and development standards are also suitable for those in private sector settings, volunteers and elected members of local authorities.’

This course is for people who are new to this work or who need a refresher on their knowledge and skills including current legislation.

Playful Childhoods

Play Wales’ Playful Childhoods campaign aims to help parents, carers and community groups provide more opportunities for children to play at home and in their neighbourhoods.

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