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Ministerial Review of Play Steering Group Report – A Play Wales summary



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Ministerial Review of Play Steering Group Report – A Play Wales summary

Author: Play Wales
Date: November 2023

This summary gives an overview of the Ministerial Review of Play Steering Group Report.

It sets out the context for the review – explaining the importance of play for children and emphasising the legal duty in Wales to protect and promote play. It also notes the importance of taking children’s views into account when assessing the sufficiency of their opportunities to play.

The summary gives a brief overview of the work carried out during the review – including capturing children’s views. It presents each of the six themed areas of work identified in the steering group’s review and the 15 recommendations made across these themes.

The Welsh Government commenced the Ministerial Review of Play in 2019 to assess its work relating to play policy and to identify areas of improvement. The full report and background paper, as well as the Deputy Minister for Social Services’ written response to the recommendations, are available to read online.

Playful Childhoods

Playful Childhoods is a campaign that aims to help parents and carers give children time, space and support to play at home and in their local community.

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