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The First Claim – desirable processes



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The First Claim – desirable processes

Author: Play Wales
Date: 2002

This book provides a framework for advanced playwork quality assessment. It is the sequel to The First Claim … a framework for playwork quality assessment and is intended to be read and used alongside the earlier book.

This book focuses on the advanced framework for playwork quality assessment.
The First Claim – desirable processes is divided into five main sections covering:

  • Quality in playwork practice – an introduction
  • The advanced framework – what is advanced quality playwork and assessment and why do we need it?
  • The process – play mechanisms and intervention modes: what we are assessing and grading, along with the need for accurate and authentic reflection
  • Play mechanisms – procedure, definitions and explanations
  • Intervention modes – procedure, definitions and explanations.

The advanced framework is designed to help experienced playworkers be more reflective and analytical about their own knowledge and practice. It aims to help experienced playworkers make judgements about the impact and effectiveness of their playwork practice.

We have a limited quantity of printed copies available to buy for £15.00 (including posting in the UK). If you would like one, please get in touch.

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