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Welsh Government responds to Ministerial Review of Play steering group report recommendations





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The Deputy Minister for Social Services, Julie Morgan MS has responded to the recommendations in the Ministerial Review of Play steering group report.

In a written statement, the Deputy Minister said:

‘The recommendations of the review are wide ranging and will require cross-government policy consideration and continued collaboration with the sector. I have set out in my response to each recommendation, the steps the Welsh Government intends to take against them. Some of these recommendations can be implemented quickly, others will take time. Where I have accepted a recommendation in principle, we will begin undertaking activities linked to these recommendations as soon as possible so that their full implementation can be explored.

‘One of our early actions will be to work with the sector to review the statutory guidance for local authorities, along with the Play Sufficiency Assessment (PSA) Toolkit and supporting guidance. We will continue to protect and champion playfulness and continue to build on the progress made in Wales, being a play friendly country giving children and young people the opportunity and freedom to play.’

Play Wales’ Director, Mike Greenaway said:

‘Play Wales welcomes the publication of the Ministerial Review of Play – Response to the Steering Group recommendationsThis review has taken place during a time of significant uncertainty and change due to the pandemic and cost of living crisis. We are grateful for the Welsh Government’s continued commitment to creating a play friendly country. It highlights Wales’ place on a global stage in prioritising children’s play.

‘We are looking forward to discussing the next steps of the journey with Welsh Government colleagues and key stakeholders at our National Conference in Cardiff on 23 November 2023.’

The steering group report, published in February 2023, followed a three-year collaborative review of the Welsh Government’s work with respect to play policy. It presented 15 key recommendations in relation to six themes identified in the review, aimed at improving opportunities for children’s play in Wales.

The cross-professional steering group was led by the Welsh Government’s Play Policy Team and made up of play and playwork specialists, with cross-government policy officials and independent academic advisors to support the review. A background paper exploring key literature was developed to support the work of the steering group.

The Welsh Government tasked Play Wales with coordinating the writing of the report on behalf of the steering group.

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