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Survey: Children and young people’s views about play





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A group of children’s organisations is asking children and young people to take part in a survey, as part of a campaign for an International Day of Play.

The campaign is being run by Eurochild, Save the Children, International Play Association, BRAC, The Concerned for Working Children, the LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation, INGKA, Arup, KidZania, and Right to Play.

The Child Friendly Governance Project is collecting children and young people’s views about play on behalf of the group, through an anonymous online survey. It includes questions about the importance of play, children’s feelings about play and any barriers to play.

The feedback will also support a call to action to world leaders and organisations about what they can do to make the world more playful. This will be presented at a high-level event during the UN General Assembly meeting in September 2023.

Closing date for the survey: 30 August 2023

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