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Entries and nominations are now open for the 2024 Accolades – awards held by Social Care Wales.

The Accolades are awards that recognise, celebrate and share notable work in social care and childcare, play and early years in Wales.

There are six award categories – three for groups, teams and organisations, and three for individual workers. Social Care Wales is welcoming applications for the group categories, as well as nominations for the awards for workers.

Play Wales would like to see those who are promoting play or who are using a playwork approach as part of their work with children and young people being recognised in the 2024 Accolades.

The categories for groups, teams and organisations are:

  • Building bright futures for children and families
  • Looking after and improving workforce well-being
  • Working in partnership.

The categories for individual care workers are:

  • Effective leadership award
  • WeCare Wales award
  • Working to the principles of strengths-based practice.

Closing date for entries: 3 November 2023.

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