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New app for children and teenagers to help shape their community





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The new RPlace app allows children and teenagers to get involved in mapping their community by letting them rate, recommend, upload photos and add locations of places they want to see change happen. Users can share what they like, and hate, about where they live, play and go with their friends and have their say on what needs to improve.

Reviews can be added in six different categories:

  • Active/play
  • Green spaces
  • Meet friends
  • Safety
  • Pollution/clean
  • Accessibility.

Developed by the HAPPEN and ACTIVE research projects based at Swansea University – and supported by Play Wales – the app is free and secure to use. It’s available on Android and Apple.

The researchers will share the reviews and data with local councils, police and charities – bodies with power to act and enhance communities – to help make safer and better spaces for children and teenagers to play and hang out.

Lead researcher for RPlace, Dr Michaela James said:

‘Our previous research showed that young people do want to be active in their local communities, but they feel there is a lack of facilities or that they cost too much. They also tell us there is too much traffic, rubbish and that sometimes they don’t feel safe. We wanted to give them a voice to change their local communities and overcome these barriers. RPlace can help empower young people and advocate for their wants and needs.’

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