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Let’s talk about play – a Play Wales endorsed training course





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The Let’s talk about play course has been designed as an introduction to play and playwork. The course provides a comprehensive package of teaching and learning resources which are available for delivery by any tutor who has successfully completed the Level 3 Award in Delivering Dynamic Playwork Training (ADDaPT).

The course is endorsed by Play Wales.

Course aims:

  • To develop a common understanding of what is meant by play and how it benefits children
  • To understand how adults working with children, or in roles where decisions are made about children’s opportunities to play, can have a positive or negative impact on children’s play experience
  • To foster an awareness of why children need to play and how adults promote the right to play and cultivate an environment where the child’s right to play is upheld.

The course consists of three sessions:

  • Why play? focuses on developing an understanding of what play is and why it is important. This session is aimed at the play workforce – those in roles which might impact on the child’s right to play.
  • What is play and playwork? and Why playwork? introduce play and playing and develop an understanding of the role of playworkers. These sessions are aimed at volunteers, those new to the profession as an entry level course, or seasonal playworkers as a refresher.

These training materials are a legacy resource from the Healthy Active Fund Play Ambassadors Project.

If you have a group of learners and would like to find out about delivering a course in your local area, please contact us.

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