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Consultation: Draft Child Minding and Day Care (Disqualification) (Wales) Regulations 2022





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The Welsh Government is consulting on the draft Child Minding and Day Care (Disqualification) (Wales) Regulations 2022. These regulations are intended to replace the current Child Minding and Day Care (Disqualification) (Wales) Regulations 2010.

The consultation and accompanying documents explain who cannot register as a child minder or provide day care in Wales.

The Welsh Government has made a number of key changes and is seeking views on these. The changes include:

  • Included a small number of new offences and changed some references to legislation to bring them up to date
  • Changed the regulations to remove some of the restrictions in the 2010 regulations in relation to foster carers (including kinship carers) and people who adopt children, and removed some of the restrictions on people who have had care or supervision orders in the past
  • Changed the regulations so that people who want to register to provide day care cannot be disqualified from doing so on the basis of certain offences or actions by people they live with or who work in their household.


Closing date for responding: 23 June 2022

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