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Campaign celebrates children’s right to play in Wales





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Play events are taking place in various parts of Wales and the rest of the UK today to mark Playday, the UK-wide campaign celebrating children’s right to play. Thousands of children and families will be enjoying a day of fun at local and regional events – from Colwyn Bay to Cardiff and from Llanharan to Wrexham.

This year, the campaign theme Playing on a shoestring – making every day an adventure, emphasises that children can enjoy high-quality, developmentally beneficial play opportunities at little or no cost.

  • Play is essential at all ages and stages of childhood, and is particularly important during times of crisis.
  • Play helps children and young people make sense of the world around them, deal with challenges, and build resilience.
  • Play is fun, enabling children and young people to make friends, blow off steam, and cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Play is vital for children and young people’s health, happiness, and skills development including creativity, imagination, and sense of adventure.

We are calling on everyone – parents, grandparents, carers, play and childcare providers -across Wales and the rest of the UK to help make this Playday, and every day, an adventure!

Mike Greenaway, Director of Play Wales said:

‘We need to give children more opportunities to play – not just on Playday, but every day of the year. While it’s understandable that parents often feel pressured to pay for holidays and provide their children with every opportunity to have fun this summer, we need to remember that giving children opportunities to play doesn’t mean or require expensive games or toys. Often, it’s the freedom to explore at home and experience everyday adventures with friends and family that bring children the most joy and happiness. Join us today and throughout the school holidays and beyond to give children freedom to play.’

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