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12th Annual Playwork Awards





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** Closing date extended to 11 February 2022 **

The Annual Playwork Awards aim to celebrate the playwork sector by recognising people who have made a noticeable contribution and difference to the lives of those they work with. The Awards are designed to reward the hard work that the playworkers and organisations nominated have contributed over the past year.

The categories for the 2022 Awards are:

  • Training and Professional Development Award 2022
  • The Frontline Playwork Award 2022
  • The Playwork Covid Response Award 2022
  • The Beyond Playwork (Playwork Plus) Awards 2022
  • The Paul Bonel Special Mention Award 2022.

Recipients of an 11th Annual Playwork Award are not eligible to be nominated for the same award this year but may be nominated for a different award. Individuals or organisations may be nominated for more than one award.

Play Wales is delighted to be sponsoring the Frontline Playwork Award this year.

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