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To mark the first ever International Day of Play on 11 June 2024, IPA Cymru Wales and Play Wales called for schools across the country to protect playtime. Together, we asked schools to give all children additional time to play, for example, by making the lunch break longer or providing an extra playtime.

Children have a right to time and space to play as part of the school day. Children say that playtimes are an important part of the school day, but schools in Wales aren’t always prioritising playtime. Play Wales asked questions about playtime as part of the Wales Children’s Omnibus Survey (2022). This is what was discovered:

  • 98% of the children said they look forward to playtime at school.
  • 82% said they especially like playtime as it allows them to spend time with their friends.
  • 61% of children say they have missed playtime. The most frequent reasons for this are to catch up with work or because a teacher feels they had misbehaved.

The United Nations adopted the annual International Day of Play to recognise children’s right to play and its importance for their wellbeing. The day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of play and to campaign for play to be considered in every aspect of children’s lives.

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