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People who work with older children and teenagers have an important role in supporting their opportunities to play and meet up with friends. To mark Youth Work Week, we are celebrating the links between playwork and youth work, as well as emphasising the positive impact that youth workers can have on opportunities for play.

Youth workers, youth support workers and youth work volunteers, by understanding and supporting play, provide a natural way for children to develop, learn about themselves and connect to the world around them.

Youth Work Week, celebrated from 23 to June 2024, is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the impact and diversity of youth work across Wales. The week aims to promote a wider understanding of and support for youth work.

Keith Towler, Chair of Play Wales and Chair of the former Interim Youth Work Board, said:

‘Youth Work Week is a fabulous opportunity to celebrate and appreciate all things youth work. Youth workers, youth support workers and youth work volunteers who work with older children and teenagers have an important role in supporting and enabling their play.

The play sector salutes our youth work colleagues. Sometimes the distinction between the two sectors becomes a little blurred but that’s okay, particularly as both can support each other in providing play, learning and development opportunities for all of our children and young people in Wales.’

Our information sheets, training and other resources are available to support anyone working with children and teenagers to understand their role in supporting play.

Find out more about play and youth work


Older children play too

An information sheet about the play of older children, particularly those aged 11 to 16. It explores the play behaviours of older children and their benefits as well as where older children play and why.


Playwork qualifications in Wales

A short guide for playworkers and others who work with children in Wales. It gives an overview of what qualifications are available and what the legal requirements are for playworkers and managers.


… And for parents and carers – or to share with the families you work with – see the Supporting Teenagers section of our Playful Childhoods website for tips and ideas.

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